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Meet Birth Instructor Danae’

Birth Instructor - Danae Bunso
Danae’ became a doula simply because she came to know the value of physical and emotional support during her own pregnancies and births. The support and education she received empowered her to make mindful choices and helped her realize that her birth experience would be one she would remember for decades to come. Because of that, she wanted to be ever present in the process along the way. Since she knew her birth experience would make such a profound impact on her life, her and her husband made decisions together along the way, and found a birth team that fully supported them along the way and it made all the difference in how they came to view the process of labor and birth.

Danae’s passion for birth grew even more after living in Guatemala with her family and serving alongside a local midwife. She was able to learn so much about another culture, and see firsthand, that it is possible to break through any barriers; whether language, or cultural, in this beautiful process called birth when women and their partners are fully supported and feel empowered because they are not alone or afraid and they are encouraged to make their own choices.

In addition to being a DONA Certified Doula and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Danae’ is also a Birth Assistant at the Fruitful Vine Birth Center, and continues to travel to Guatemala with medical teams, holding clinics and healthy mom/baby classes for pregnant and nursing moms. Her experiences in Guatemala and stateside have created such an excitement to educate, support, and encourage women to know they have options along the way in making their BIRTH-day an amazing experience that they will remember for a lifetime!